New Maxi-CUBE Rollback Lead Van

Detour Logistics Managing Director, Colin Beer, knows a good design when he sees one. Having recently seen a need to upgrade his fleet of refrigerated vans, Colin began the search for quality trailers that would last the test of time. When he discovered the new improved Maxi-CUBE rollback lead van with its inbuilt rail protection feature, he knew he had to look no further.

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Detour Logistics is a mid-sized freight company based out of Silvan in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. With a fleet of 15 B-Doubles, Detour delivers dairy and produce to the local market and across the Eastern seaboard. Colin has built his business based on a reputation of superior price and reliability.

So when he was looking to buy a range of new refrigerated vans, Colin had the same prerequisites in mind – the trailers must be able to go the distance and in turn, represent good value. Brett Smith, MaxiTRANS Victorian Dealership’s Northern Region Sales Manager, said the first thing he did was introduce Colin to the new Maxi-CUBE rollback lead trailer and its latest improvements. “It’s a great step forward in the longevity of rollback vans,” said Brett. “We listened to our customers who voiced concern that a lot of other rollbacks on the market need careful ongoing attention.”

“Our engineers looked at this, and came up with a very clever solution. The major feature of this new trailer is a powerful hydraulic system that helps deliver smooth movement of the body over the chassis.”

“When set in the forward position for transit as a B-double, the body weight is lifted off the rollers to extend roller life and durability. It’s a valuable innovation and a great step forward in rollback trailer technology.”

Colin couldn’t agree more. “There’s nothing worse than a rollback trailer that refuses to roll. It causes delays in deliveries and costs us money. This new design means we can alleviate that situation, which will help to keep the trailers out of the repair shop. At the end of the day, less time in for service means more time out on the road, which of course in turn, means more revenue for our business. That’s a great result for us.”

With a set budget in mind for his purchase, Colin was also very happy with the deal Brett was able to offer him. “I ran around a number of manufacturers,” commented Colin. “The MaxiTRANS Victorian dealership was the place which was most willing to work to my budget. Brett took all of the non-essential options that I’d asked for and convinced me that they were just going to add extra unnecessary expense, which was absolutely right. He offered me the best value proposition of anyone that I spoke to.”

“Brett managed to find a solution that could both serve my purpose and fit to my budget – the ideal combination.”

After originally ordering 6 B-double sets, Colin has been so happy with the vans that he has increased the order to 10. “It’s great dealing with someone who is happy to work for you to get the result,” said Colin. “I’ll definitely be speaking to Brett again when I need to order my next set of trailers.”

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