Classy C-Series Classic for J.A.T.

With a diverse range of refrigerated transport equipment carrying a wide variety of
frozen and chilled goods, J.A.T. Refrigerated Road Services has upgraded its fleet with
the addition of four Maxi-CUBE C-Series Classic vans.

Released in 2010, the C-Series trailer is the first model developed by Maxi-CUBE that
incorporates a full length chassis and its performance and durability will help J.A.T.
provide reliable logistics services from far north Queensland, down along the eastern
seaboard and across to South Australia.

One of the many Maxi-CUBE C-Series trailers delivered to J.A.T. by Freighter Maxi-CUBE
Queensland and Scott Thiesfield was featured at the recent Brisbane Truck Show and
was applauded for its quality construction and finish.

The show trailer highlighted how a high-specification, customised transport solution
should appear and perform when combining Maxi-CUBE’s manufacturing techniques with
the customer’s own special requirements. Importantly for operators, the C-Series does
not lose any interior height, ensuring maximum payload.

Thermal capability is also an important consideration for any transport operator who
delivers cold freight over long hauls, encountering extreme temperatures.

Maxi-CUBE is the only refrigerated manufacturer to produce urethane insulation foam inhouse,
utilising a “cast to gauge” manufacturing process that ensures foam panels are
made to the required thickness. As such, thermal performance is increased due to the
fact that the insulation cells on the surface panels are not destroyed by “cutting” the
panels to gauge.

With their Maxi-CUBE composite walls providing thermal performance and smart
appearance, J.A.T. has also chosen components such as BPW D36 airbag suspension,
Narva lights and Alcoa aluminium wheels to ensure the trailers stand up to the demand
from both diverse customers and the rigours of the road.

Family Directors, Heather Azzopardi and son Wayne, attended the Truck Show to hear
first-hand the positive feedback and admiration that their C-Series trailer was receiving
from industry peers and general show attendees.

“We were honoured when Scott Thiesfield asked if Maxi-CUBE could display one of our
trailers as part of their exhibit. When we visited the show and saw other transport
operators looking to our equipment for inspiration, it reinforced our belief that we made
the right decision in adding the C-Series model to our fleet,” Heather explained.

J.A.T. has also highlighted the versatility of the Maxi-CUBE C-Series model by adding
meat hangers to one half of one of the trailers. Combining this with dual evaporative
refrigeration systems will allow J.A.T. to handle all types of frozen and chilled freight as
well as provide flexibility to service differing freight requirements within one trailer load.

Each C-Series trailer will also be linked with satellite coverage, enabling management to
track and monitor the cold chain compliance of all freight they transport.

With a modern fleet of almost 50 trucks and over 70 trailers, as well as their purpose
built transport and storage facility in Lytton, J.A.T. is well-positioned for sustained
growth and prosperity, especially with the Queensland region well on the way to
recovery from recent natural disasters.

The C-Series is available in a range of different models including; Reefer, High Cube
Reefer, Freezer, Chiller and Dry Freight.

c series post image

Above Left: One of J.A.T.’s shiny new Maxi-CUBVE C-Series trailers.

Above Right: Heather Azzopardi and son Wayne inspect their trailer at the Truck Show.

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