PBS Combinations

PBS (Performance Based Standards) are new design standards that allow truck and trailer combinations to be designed to safely carry larger than normal payloads and improve road transport efficiency. Within reason, PBS combinations allow a great deal of flexibility on the normal road transport equipment dimensional and design restrictions – the only limitations are your imagination.

PBS combinations are available across the whole range of Maxi-CUBE trailer models.

Since the introduction of PBS laws, Maxi-CUBE has produced countless combinations which have allowed our customers to carry greater mass or volume per trip.

Download the brochure below or contact us to see how we can assist to guide you through the PBS process.

Maxi-CUBE Design & Innovation Features

  • Greater volume or mass per trip
  • More profit
  • Maxi-CUBE dealers and engineers really understand PBS and can make the process as fast and simple as possible for you – they will walk you through the process every step of the way
  • Maxi-CUBE has many “pre-approved” combinations that might allow you to fast-track your application, depending on your needs
  • Maxi-CUBE trailers are specifically built to provide owners with leading edge logistical solutions that deliver low tare weight and high payload advantage
  • Computer-aided design delivers a chassis with superior strength, performance and durability
  • Maxi-CUBE trailers come with a reassuring two year warranty
  • All backed by Australia’s best national trailer dealer network
  • Most of all, our customers tell us that a Maxi-CUBE trailer “just tows better”

PBS information pack

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