SafeADJUST™ is an innovative mezzanine deck system designed for simple and fast operation. Exclusive to Maxi-CUBE and available across all Slide-A-Side models, it provides a significant boost in safety over traditional mezzanine decks.

Download the SafeADJUST Mezz Deck flyer HERE


Key features

A step-change in safety

SafeADJUST™ helps you to meet site work health and safety requirements by removing the need to enter the safety exclusion zone to manually remove and replace saddles when altering the deck height. The operator can quickly and safely manoeuvre the deck into position without ever having to exit the forklift to actuate the locks, remove saddles or confirm the deck is locked safe to load.

Improved efficiency

Raising or lowering the deck into position is fast and simple thanks to SafeADJUST’s innovative mechanical locking feature, which senses deck movement and controls the lock engagement automatically without the use of complicated parts or mechanisms. In turn, this improves serviceability and reliability.

Secure manoeuvring

SafeADJUST™ is secured as a permanent component, which eliminates the chance of it falling from the trailer during manoeuvring or transit. Further, the deck can only be unlocked by raising it to the lock release point located on each mezzanine post. In turn, allowing the operator to safely lower, while reducing the chance of it falling unexpectedly.

Integrated visual guides

Lock indicators installed on all four corners of the deck allow the operator to see when locks are engaged and it is safe to retract the fork tines, without having to leave the controls of a loaded forklift.

No loss of space

SafeADJUST™ occupies no additional space than a standard mezzanine deck, providing the best possible aperture. The deck also sits flush with the trailer floor when completely lowered, further maximising the internal height dimensions.