Why buy Maxi-CUBE?


Simply Outstanding

Maxi-CUBE’s advanced manufacturing facility combines 40 years of industry knowledge, technical knowhow and smart design innovations, all of which contribute to Maxi-CUBE’s ability to provide superior payload advantage.

Maxi-CUBE trailers are universally recognised for their reliability, innovative features and outstanding performance. Without compromising durability, each trailer is designed to maximise interior load space and minimise tare weight, delivering optimal payload and profitability on every run.


Simply Outstanding

The key to efficient and effective trailer refrigeration is thermal control, which is achieved by limiting temperature variation and thereby producing better thermal efficiency. In turn, this reduces your fuel costs and saves you money.

Maxi-CUBE’s key to market leading thermal efficiency is the fact that we are the only manufacturer to produce its own in-house urethane insulation foam. The superior wall construction that is created is the result of advanced technologies that enable the ‘cast to gauge’ process to produce panels to the required thickness. This is done without the need to cut and destroy the important surface insulation cells and weaken the thermal performance.

Independent laboratory testing has proven that the unique Maxi-CUBE ‘cast to gauge’ urethane foam wall panel construction creates superior insulation properties unparalleled in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

To further improve thermal efficiency, all panel joints use high performance adhesives that create superior strength joints. Pultruded fibreglass wall reinforcements also add strength and greater insulation properties.


Simply Outstanding

At Maxi-CUBE, we believe in our promise of “Simply Outstanding” trailers for payload, performance and user-friendliness. Take our rear bumper, for example. Service and repair of damaged bumpers after repeated impact with loading docks can often result in the trailer being out of action for longer than you would like. But not with Maxi-CUBE. Our modular rear bumper can be quickly replaced if damaged, resulting in less downtime and a safer, more profitable trailer.


Simply Outstanding

To continue to set the benchmark in temperature controlled transport solutions market, Maxi-CUBE has consistently focussed on the need to innovate, listen to customers’ needs and invest in the state-of-art manufacturing techniques. But it is Maxi-CUBE’s highly skilled workforce, who share a common passion and pride in producing the very best van available, that make the real difference.

Our knowledge and understanding combine to design, build and deliver the exact trailer to meet your individual requirements. We start with getting to know your transport need and work with you closely throughout the process to create the result your business demands.


Simply Outstanding

With Maxi-CUBE you get total support across the country via our National Dealer Network who are equipped to offer the right advice, suggest the right trailer to suit the task and offer back up when needed. Everything is covered from expert sales assistance to trailer servicing, repairs and spare part support.

Each Maxi-CUBE dealer is trained to provide the best transport solution for your business. All sales staff have factory training and have a high degree of transport knowledge. They are also provided with access to all the latest technical information to ensure your trailer is specified with exactly the right components to suit the task at hand.

If our standard design Maxi-CUBE vans do not fulfil your specific requirements, the full breadth of experience and knowledge of Maxi-CUBE’s in-house engineering team is brought to bear to ensure we find you the best solution to fit your freight task.